Self-generating AI
assistant for employees
ChatFirst assistants provide single window support on any internal subject,
analyze history of requests from employees,
and change itself in order to help faster
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Leading companies increasingly recognize that these technologies are most effective when they complement humans, not replace them.
Josh Bersin
Enterprise-level virtual assistant
Single window support
Lots of interfaces from HCM, LMS, C&B vendors should be merged. Chatbot is the best interface of HR services and free-text support for millennials
Start without collecting data
Do not waste time collecting initial knowledge base from local managers. We support Zero KB start that uses self-learning based on usage history
Your data is under control
We do not use any cloud-based AI. ChatFirst provide on-premise or hybrid deployment schemas in order to save privacy and personal data
Multi-lingual by default
ChatFirst speaks English, Russian and German now and we are ready to enhance our capabilities by adding new languages your employees speak
Better than app
ChatFirst virtual assistant is embedded into corporate messenger or social network
50000+ employees trust us today
Industry leaders are choosing proven solutions
Case-studies will be presented during live demo
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