An AI powered virtual hostess supports guests of your restaurant in Facebook Messenger
Just say hi!
100 000

Messages per day

Restaurants uses it

Guests served daily
What that chatbot can do
We offer you the product with particular set of skills for best possible first impression of your restaurant
It can, but not limited to:
  1. Shows the menu
  2. Takes table reservations
  3. Shows fancy photos of the dishes or interior
  4. Shares the information about contacts, parking space and directions
  5. If necessary, gets the guest in contact with call agent in chat
  6. Redirects collaboration and job placement requests
It automatically deals with incoming inquiries on the page
  • You don't waste your time answering repeatable questions
  • You don't loose your customers due to late replies
Free Trial Period
  • We offer you a one week of free test access
  • There're no risks or problems; one-click connection and disconnection
It gives a chance for mailouts
  • You get all the necessary information for targeting mailouts
  • You can always contact your any Guest by yourself
Easily Installs
  • One-button click connection
  • One-web-form setting
It offers the customer an Individual Approach
  • Personalized approach from the very first contact
  • Individual discounts, offers according to the profile history
Reasonable price
  • Easy final rate $24.99/mo
  • +$5/mo for SMS-notifications
Unique way to reach your guests
Business have to follow its customers in channels they use most. According to Statisa research Facebook Messenger have 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. Now you can reach this users.
Try Virtual Hostess for your cafe
One week trial available