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A.I. Virtual Assistants for Your Business
Features of Our Products

Messengers and Social Networks as content-delivery Channels
We use all types of text-based channels as business-message delivery service. Most of business tasks can be solved by using simple conversational interface. It's more «natural» and as a result is a more efficient way to communicate with business logic

Natural Language Understanding at the Very Core of our Platform
Our virtual assistants speak natural language via simple intuitive interface. Up-to-date NLU technics, Neural Networks and Deep Learning let us provide the most comfortable user experience passing through business workflow

Ready for Low-Code Application Development and Deployment
Use A/B testing tools, check hypothesis and add new functionality by using «Hot Reload» feature. This allows you to easily modify main logic of your virtual assistant on the fly

SaaS and On-premise Solutions
The platform that our products based on can be used as an external service or as a stand-alone solution. Architecture of the platform is adaptive in order to satisfy our clients' internal security regulations

Our Clients
Our Team
Ivan Tertychnyy
Science / Development
Elmira Sibgatullina
Analytics / Language Engineer
Business have to follow its customers in channels they use most
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